Industrial Fans

The Sturtevant name was synonymous with large ventilation and especially mechanical draft fans which were essential to the efficient operation of boilers in industrial power plants generating steam for electric power, plant heating and process steam.The "vane" suffix was commonly used with B.F.Sturtevant fans.

The Series 7000 fans were ruggedly built radial tips for handling erosive gases at elevated temperatues and high pressures.
Series 7000
The Rexvane was a modern development of the paddle wheel fan.

By the use of correct inlet blade curvature and a stream line shrouding, it retained all of the good features of the paddle wheel with greatly increased capacity.

The Multivane was a forwardly-curved fan that was used widely in buildings

The Silentvane was the first backwardly-curved fan with very wide applications.
The Steel Plate had its origin in the 19th century.

It was adapted to a wide range of industrial applications requiring high pressure and large volumes at slow rotational speeds.

Steel Plate
The Planovane was designed for collecting and conveying shavings, sawdust, chips, dust from emery and buffing wheels.
The Series 400 usages included; conveying granular material, sawdust, long fibrous materials and chips, fume and corrosive gas exhaust.

Series 400
The Series 300 axial flow was designed to meet a broad range of requirements for rugged, dependable supply or exhaust applications.
Series 300
The Monogram Blower was used to exhaust dust or provide blast and supply air.
Monogram Blower
The Centriline offered centrifugal fan performance with in-line air flow.