Products - Vacuums

An illustrative, not comprehensive, list

First introduced in 1910, after several years of research and development, the vacuum product line would become one of their broadest with exposure to residential, commercial and industrial markets. During the first few years, a joint venture produced an identical line of portables under the Western-Electric label. The portable vacuums were composed of a light aluminum fan and case, connected to a dust separator. The fan was driven by a direct-connected bi-polar type motor. Westinghouse shut the line down in 1945.

Vacuum #1

Vacuum #2

Vacuum #15

Stationary Vacuum

Designed for the apartment or small house. The handle was easily removed and the cleaner could be placed under the couch or in the closet. The dust collector was located between the cleaning tool and the fan.
Designed for use in larger homes. The large barrel provided for a large dirt capacity and required infrequent emptying.
A versatile residential vacuum that came with a complete set of attachments. This model replaces the earlier versions No.0 and 1.
Designed for permanent installation in the basement of buildings. They were connected to the various floors through a system of permanent piping concealed within the walls of the building. At various points on each floor were connections to which could be attached the cleaning hose.

In the usual installation, only one cleaning tool could be used at one time. If more than one cleaner tool was to be used at once, two-sweeper or multi-sweeper plants were installed.